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We are looking for our new colleagues for the following positions who will share our passion to add innovation to our way of doing our jobs ( ik@kazancionline.com for cv )

Aşağıdaki pozisyonlar için çalışma arkadaşları arıyoruz. Başvurular için ik@kazancionline.com


The primary role of this position is to ensure that whenever there is demand for our products our company is the preferred choice of the market.

To reach this goal the role requires:

  • Aligned with the company’s strategies, to produce and manage projects that will enable communication with the target group.
  • Contribute to providing visual and textual creative content to news tools such as B2B social media posts, targeted group mails and etc. digital public relations.
  • Managing the company's social media accounts, online marketplace pages (Alibaba etc.) and web pages.
  • As well as contributing to the creative visual and textual content, produce and manage company’s marketing projects, communication and B2B relation projects with the target group.
  • Preparing periodic announcements and posts sharing information about companiy’s products, projects, case studies, and etc. activities that will promote the good reputation of the company.
  • Plan, manage and operate B2B announcements of the new product launces, improvements, and marketing activities of participated national and international exhibitions.
  • To contribute to the decision-making process for the selection of products, services and developments to be emphasized in communication in line with the current situation analysis of the company.
  • Manage the company's campaigns in these channels in accordance with online marketplace analysis, Google analytical results and similar reports.
  • Contribute to the management of the B2B online sales channel.
  • Plan and manage customer feedback processes.
The person and the skills needed:

  • At least 2 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, advertising.
  • Creative and good presentation skills
  • Strong planning and time management.
  • Ability to listed and adopt in a fast-paced environment and take responsibility for projects from start to finish.
  • Experience on online marketplace, advertising media and their analytics and interpret this data.
  • Deep understanding of B2B social media channel
  • Have good communication skills in English and Turkish
  • Excellent written and visual composition skills
  • Strategic with strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking
  • A self-starter, creative, extrovert with empathy.
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